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Fulvio Fulvi is a game developer currently living in Padua, Italy.

Graduated from 
Game Cultures* at London South Bank University, he managed to successfully obtain a first-class honours degree. The course consisted on learning about all key aspects of game development, from programming to game design. Additionally, the course offered a look into the history of video game, its influences, and on how it is continuously evolving.

During his attendance he worked on numerous different type projects, such as using Adobe Flash CS5 to create a music rhythm game or using the Unity engine to create a complex 3D hospital environment. He had conducted several literature works outlining the importance of understanding the design process of a video game, by examining on how it has evolved throughout the years. He learnt that game development is a team-based effort in which, management, communication and collaboration is essential to fully realize a fun and creative video game.

He is specialised in using both the Unity and Unreal engine, and possess a deep understanding of Unity's programming languages C#. Additionally he also possesses good knowledge of other software packages such as 3DS Max, Photoshop, Office, and Sketchup.

In 2015 he fully self developed and published an android video game entitled "Asteroid Attack", where he undertook several different roles such as designing, programming, testing, and provided any additional artwork.

Currently he is testing out several
Steam's Early Access video games, by constantly providing feedback or suggestions to the developers. His always experimenting with new game engines such as UE4, and learning on how they can be also used in other fields. He even became quite active in the Killing Floor 2 community, by providing feedback or suggestions during any beta updates, and also by creating custom content such as maps for Killing Floor 2.

​* The course is currently known as Game Design and Development